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Terms of Use

Usually on the Terms of Use page you get a whole lot of legal stuff that do the same work as a night cap. 
I will make it very simple and straight forward so please read it all, it is important.

All the Photos on this site are the sole Copyright of Rob Abdul

What you are permitted to do?
You are free to download and use these images as their intended purpose; as wallpapers only. 

What you are not permitted to do?

  • Use any of these images on this site for commercial use or financial gain; unless I have granted you licence to do so.
  • Resize, crop or re-distribute images on this site.
  • You may not upload images from this site to your or any other site.
  • You may not edit any images on this site once downloaded.

Personal Website or Blog
If you require the use any of my images on your website, please ask me first.

Registered Charities in the UK
I will grant Registered Charities the use of my images under a conditional licence for free.
So if you are a registered Charity in the UK and would like to use any of the images on this site, please get in touch first.   

Commercial Use
If you require high resolution versions of any of my photos for personal or commercial use please get in touch with me.